Massages are NOT my thing. Not at all. Fancy spa massages or the acupressure people at the mall make me cringe and produce more anxiety than relaxation. That’s why I can’t believe how great my appointment with Brian went. He actually took the time to talk with me and listen to my fears.

When the massage started, he communicated the whole time and explained what was going on. I was able to tell him when something hurt or was uncomfortable. I’ve never been able to speak up during a massage, always felt like I HAD to relax and power through it. This was the first time I could honestly relax because I wasn’t pressured, literally! (LOL). We started working on some tension and aches I’ve had in my neck for years, and identified the source of the pain. I look forward to my next session to continue to heal and improve my body.

So grateful for not just the help, but the education as well. If you are looking for more than just a massage, do yourself a favor and meet with this wonderful team!