Our Team

Michelle Roberts-Maxwell, LMT

Michelle is a graduate from Ashland Institute of Massage. Her previous career field and life experiences gave her an opportunity to realize there was a need for a more holistic approach in healthcare. Having always been drawn to how the body functions she found herself pointed in the direction of massage therapy.

Michelle uses an intuitive blend of modalities to restore function, decrease pain, and increase body awareness. She has a passion for core health and function and believes everyone is whole and deserves to feel that way.

She invites clients to work with her as a team and actively participate in each session. Michelle has an enthusiasm for lifelong learning, longevity through fitness, and the wellbeing of all humans.

Ben Harter, LMT

Ben’s Manual Therapy foundation came quite young, massaging his parents for a few coins a night in front of the TV. He grew up in Eugene Oregon and came down to the Rogue Valley to find a lane, running Track and studying Health and Physical Education at SOU. He found himself wanting to do more direct rehab and preventative care, which brought him back to massage.   

As a practitioner his focus is to expand his knowledge base and develop a practice that is precise and deep, targeting the nervous system and fascia to create therapeutic change to holding patterns and starved tissue.  Ben hopes to provide a collaborative experience where safety, thoughtfulness, and curiosity is pronounced and palpable but also where the goal is to make a difference. Ben got into massage to help himself and others in the discovery of joy in movement, comfort in stillness, and hope in recovery where it might have been lost.  

Jessica Vail, LMT

Jessica Vail has lived in Southern Oregon her whole life, and is ecstatic to be serving the Rogue Valley. She graduated in June of 2023 from the Ashland Institute of Massage where she gained her knowledge and background in Swedish Massage, Myofascial Release, Prenatal Massage, Deep Tissue, along with Trigger Point therapy, Thai, and more.

She loves the outdoors and being connected with nature and her family. She has a strong will to always be learning something new especially when it comes to health and wellness. Jessica is passionate and happy to share her light and intentional touch with others.

Emile Garcia, LMT

With over 20 years of experience as a massage therapist, I have had the privilege of working with a variety of clients, from Olympic athletes at the Olympic Training Center, professional athletes, under served populations and others with traumatic incidents, to luxury spa-goers.

I have a strong background in injury recovery. Using modalities like deep tissue, myofascial release, intra oral, neuro muscle activation, injury recovery, and trigger point therapy, all of which I use to help my clients heal and recover. I have a passion for helping people find relief from pain and discomfort, and I strive to provide a safe and comfortable environment for my clients to relax and heal. I believe that effective communication is key to providing the best care possible, and I take the time to listen to my clients and understand their needs.

With an extensive knowledge and skill set, clients can trust that they are in capable hands and will leave feeling refreshed and renewed. I am committed to helping my clients reach their goals and improve their overall wellbeing.

Adeline Jade Martin

Adeline Jade Martin’s approach is to encourage change from within. Our bodies know and feel everything and sometimes it needs some assistance moving what is blocking it.

 Adeline provides a container where the body is trusted and listened to creating greater coherence with the mind and body. Licensed in Oregon, Adeline was educated in massage therapy, craniosacral therapy and is passionate about wellness and empowering ourselves to live our best lives.

Adeline has completed the Medical Massage Advanced Training Program that integrates a broader understanding of the anatomy and physiology of the human body with an appreciation of the person as a whole and coherent being.

Maureen Boksa, LMT

Moe believes very strongly in the body-mind connection and tailoring treatments to the needs of each client. Whether the time is right for deep overall relaxation, specialized injury work, improved body alignment, or movement of emotions, her approach is teamwork based. Working together with the client to achieve specific goals, treatments may always be modified before or during a session. The focus is to provide work deep into the tissues in a comfortable and productive way.

Moe uses integrated techniques, strongly influenced by traditional Hawaiian Lomi Lomi. This work is characterized by long flowing strokes of the forearms, bringing deep therapeutic work all the way through the layers of the body to the level of the bones, which are considered the ‘mana’ or origin of life force, in Hawaiian tradition.

This style of work is fluid and soothing, each movement having specific intention. There is constant attention to detail and the entire body is addressed, acknowledging the importance of the anatomical, physiological, and emotional connections that extend from head to toe. This work is suitable for all types of massage clients, from those looking to relieve and reinvent chronic body pattern stressors, to those with acute personal, sport, work, or motor vehicle injuries.

Justin Stamper, LMT


Justin is a graduate of the Ashland Institute of Massage. A true nerd at heart, he enjoys helping clients strengthen their mind-body connection through a greater understanding of anatomy and kinesiology.

Always looking to expand his practice, Justin is enthusiastic about learning new approaches to bodywork. Through a holistic myofascial, deep tissue, and ever evolving approach, each session is personalized to best fit his client’s needs. With an emphasis on intentional care and attention to detail, he works to help relieve clients of their stress and pain.

Helene Houghton, LMT, MMP, NTP

Note: Helene is no longer accepting new patients.

Helene helps empower clients to get out of pain and reconnect with their body and boundaries.

Helene is a health and wellness geek and has extensive training in anatomy, physiology, kinesiology, pathology and manual therapy modalities, including everything from cadaver dissections to in-depth training for whiplash, nerve entrapment and rotator cuff issues and beyond.

She really loves understanding how the human body works and ways to help it return to balance. She’s always on the lookout for specialized therapeutic training that will allow her to better help her patients get out of pain and regain their lives.

Over the last decade Helene has been an instructor and guest lecturer at top therapeutic massage schools including Maui School of Therapeutic Massage, National Holistic Institute, and Ashland Institute of Massage.