Body in Context Medical Massage


Massage Injury Assessment and RehabilitationWant to see results?  The team at Body In Context Massage has the training, experience, skill, and compassion to target your specific issues . We are happy to work with your insurance to make sure you receive the best care possible, and also offer massage packages to help defray the costs for those whose insurance does not cover manual therapy. While no prescription is required for cash pay patients, it can be helpful and is often required for insurance based patients.


  • MOTOR VEHICLE ACCIDENTS: We have advanced training in assessment and specific therapeutic techniques to deal with Motor Vehicle injuries including whiplash, lumbar (low back), thoracic and hip issues that often surface after a collision. We also accept insurance for Motor Vehicle claims (with a prescription).            
  • HEALTH INSURANCE: Health insurance plans can vary greatly in their coverage of massage therapy and the conditions under which the massage therapy services are received. Give our office a call at 541-210-5999 and we will CHECK YOUR COVERAGE before your appointment and work with your insurance company to make sure you get the best care possible.
  • HEALTH SAVINGS ACCOUNT (HSA): we accept HSA payments. Massage therapy is considered a qualified medical expense if the reason you are seeking treatment is ‘medically necessary’. Your physician can make that determination and write you a prescription for massage.
  • CASH PAY PATIENTS seeking to address acute and long standing pain and movement issues. No prescription is required for cash pay patients and we offer massage packages to make it more affordable.

Bottom line: Pain does NOT have to be your “new normal”.  


We view YOU as an integral part of your healthcare team. We will listen to your concerns, assess your area of injury/pain and work together with you to help you regain function and relieve pain.   We enjoy collaboration with other health professionals and are happy to coordinate your care with your MD, DO, FNP, chiropractor, acupuncturist, physical therapist or other health care provider.