Body in Context



Humans evolved in concert with the natural rhythms of the world. We have been shaped by millennia of moving through its natural environment. Our very biology; from our neurotransmitters and hormones, to our digestive and musculoskeletal systems, are adapted to react to the common stresses of our original evolutionary human environment to create optimal health. Our ancestors spent millions of years adapting to the signals from our natural environment. It is only in the last 200 years that we have removed these familiar signals and replaced them with very different signals from modern life.

Scientifically based Health Coaching + Medical Massage.

The Body in Context approach recognizes that a whole host of health issues can occur when we live out of context with our biology. Our health is sculpted by our external and internal environment and experiences. Everything to which we expose ourselves, interacts with and shapes our systems either towards greater resilience, confidence and health or towards stress, fear, disease and chronic pain.

Step by step, we give you the confidence and the tools to take your life back.

We help you re-pattern your fight or flight response from fear to resilience through a program designed to help you redevelop your own innate somatic awareness. Learn highly effective tools and techniques to help you tune in to your body’s needs for nutrient dense nutrition, circadian rhythm/sleep restoration, natural movement and other critical lifestyle factors.

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