Auto Injury Medical Massage

Car Accident? Medical Massage is covered by your Oregon Auto Insurance

whiplash auto injury medical massage Brian ShoenDid You Know?

LEGALLY, you are ENTITLED to have Medical Massage Therapy billed to your personal injury protection insurance (PIP). You just need to follow a few simple steps to make sure that your insurance will approve it.

Although most medical insurance plans do not cover massage therapy directly, The PIP (Personal Injury Protection) portion of your auto insurance will cover massage. All auto insurance policies in the State of Oregon include Personal Injury Protection (PIP); this part of your insurance will pay for complimentary alternative health care regardless of who was determined to be “at fault.”

Your PIP coverage allows you to receive medical massage treatment for auto accident related injuries after a simple referral from your chiropractor, naturopath, osteopath or medical doctor. So, if you or someone you know has had the unfortunate experience of being in an auto accident, ask your doctor and/or chiropractor to recommend massage therapy for you. It will help speed up your physical recovery, and can significantly ease the emotional stress as well.

Our medical massage therapists at Body in Context are experienced at treating auto accident injuries including whiplash, myofascial pain, neck and back injuries, tendon damage, muscle spasm, headaches and insomnia. Medical massage will help you ease anxiety, recover function, range of motion, ease your muscular aches and pain.

Need Help getting started?

If you’re looking for medical massage post auto accident in the Rogue Valley  (Medford, Phoenix, Talent or Ashland) let us help guide you through the process:

1. Open a Claim: Make sure you have an open claim with your own insurance company. (We need a claim number from your own insurance not the other party.)
2. Visit your medical provider:

  • Primary care doctor,
  • Orthopedic doctor-surgeon,
  • Urgent care doctor,
  • Pain management doctor
  • Chiropractor

3. Examination: Have your injuries examined and diagnosed.

4. Prescription: Have the doctor write you a prescription with the diagnosis, frequency (as to number of sessions per week/month) and duration of time (as to how long within~12 months).

5. Call our office or book an Auto Injury Massage Session online to set up your appointment and receive your brief paperwork; you will need to fill out a form with the appropriate information so we can do some prior verification with your auto insurance.

6. Text, fax or e-mail your prescription to us prior with your online intake form.



We will collect the fees from your PIP from your car insurance company. NOTE: The only time you would be responsible for any fees is if you do not show up at your appointment without giving cancellation and reschedule notice according to our company policy, or any remaining balance for which we could not collect from your insurance company. In that case, you would be sent a bill, due payable within 30 days.

We bill $31.25 per 15 minute segment for massage therapy sessions. We do, however, offer a significant discount for payments made at the time of service.

We look forward to helping you recover and feel better.



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