Pain Relief with Medical Massage

Pain Relief with Medical Massage

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  • Medical massage is a treatment oriented massage for a specific issue or injury.
  • The treatment techniques used will vary depending on the injury.
  • It requires a prescription or referral from a Doctor or Chiropractor.
  • To truly be beneficial it requires a higher level of training.
  • Medical Massage can be billed to your insurance company or can be paid at the time of service.


Want to see results? The team at Body In Context Massage has the training, experience, skill, and compassion to target your specific issues.

Motor Vehicle Accidents: We have advanced training in assessment and specific therapeutic techniques to deal with Motor Vehicle injuries including whiplash, lumbar (low back), thoracic and hip issues that often surface after a collision. We also accept insurance for Motor Vehicle claims (with a prescription).

Worker’s Compensation: Lingering injuries can interfere with your ability to return to work and make a living. We can help you speed your recovery, decrease your pain and return to work as soon as possible.We also accept insurance for Worker’s Comp claims (with a prescription)

Long term tension and pain: From headaches, to neck, shoulder, hip and low back issues, long term pain can be a cumulative result of old movement patterns, injuries and stressors. We can work with you to relieve your current pain and also unravel the old postural patterns driving it.

Athletic injury and Performance: From ultra-runners to weight lifters and functional fitness fanatics, We specialize in goal oriented care for athletes and are happy to help you want to optimize your performance, recover from or prevent an injury.

Bottom line: Pain does NOT have to be your “new normal”.  


We view YOU as an integral part of your healthcare team. We will listen to your concerns, assess your area of injury/pain and work together with you to help you regain function and relieve pain.   We enjoy collaboration with other health professionals and are happy to coordinate your care with your MD, chiropractor, acupuncturist, physical therapist or other health care provider. 

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