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The importance of social engagement and community for health

Exercise: Keep it Social

Want to get the best benefits out of your fitness routine- whether it be in the gym, or outside on the trails? Research is showing that the American concept of “exercise” as we know it- putting in hard miles, ‘no pain, no gain’, can actually...

bright screens disrupt circadian rhythms

Dawn’s Early Light

One of my favorite things about backpacking  is the way your body shifts over time to fall in line with natural cycles of dark and light. There's nothing like snuggling sleepily into your sleeping bag at 8pm (which somehow feels like midnight) and waking up...

Guided by nature

Guided By Nature

Finding your way in the woods without a map or compass can be a daunting task, yet our ancestors travelled their wild world, sometimes hundreds of miles on foot, without a breaking a sweat...