Medical Massage & Auto Accident Care

We help people who don’t want to live in discomfort feel better and enjoy their lives more by helping them recover from pain.

The team at Body In Context Massage has the training, experience, skill, and compassion to target your specific issues. We have advanced training in orthopedic techniques, caring for car accident related injuries and resulting chronic pain. We really listen to your concerns, will thoroughly assess your area of injury and work together with you to help you regain function and relieve pain.  

Massage Package Discounts

OUT OF POCKET PATIENTS seeking to address acute and long standing pain and movement issues. No prescription is required for patients who pay at time of service- we offer discounted Massage Packages to make it more affordable.

Insurance Coverage

HEALTH INSURANCE: Health insurance plans vary greatly in their coverage of massage therapy. Give our office a call at 541-210-5999 and we’ll CHECK YOUR COVERAGE before your appointment. Some Health Insurances will require a prescription for massage from your chiropractor, MD or FNP.

Auto Accident Care

MOTOR VEHICLE ACCIDENT CARE: We have advanced training in assessment and specific therapeutic techniques to care for Motor Vehicle injuries including whiplash, lumbar (low back), thoracic and hip issues that often surface after a accident. We accept Auto Insurance for Motor Vehicle claims (with a simple prescription).   Oregon Auto insurance covers the cost of your care.

Health Savings Accounts

We accept HSA payments. Massage therapy is considered a qualified medical expense if the reason you are seeking treatment is ‘medically necessary’. Your physician can make that determination and write you a prescription for massage.

We are happy to coordinate your care with your MD, DO, FNP, chiropractor, acupuncturist, physical therapist or other health care provider.