Fenicks Renasci, LMT

As an Oregon Native, Fenicks grew up in the Willamette Valley. She grew up Hunting, fishing, wild harvesting, learning about plant medicine and living off the land. With this foundation she developed a passion for nature, and natural healing. Later she developed a passion for the body as she studied yoga and latin dance. Because she loves to serve, she found herself in the medical field in varying capacities before she made her way to becoming a massage therapist.

She uses a client centered approach to weave many modalities and techniques into her sessions. She sees the body and the person within as a whole. She recognizes how not only physical activities, but emotional experiences can also create patterns in the body. She sees that those patterns can be retrained and released. She recognizes that no two people are alike and therefore no two sessions will be the same.

Fenicks often uses Myofascial release, Deep tissue, Active and passive range of motion techniques, neuromuscular therapy, Adapted Thai techniques and Swedish massage in her sessions. She specializes in neck and shoulder issues, fascial retraining, nervous system regulation, releasing trauma patterns. In all of her work her goal is to facilitate space for the body, meet the client where they are at, increase bodily awareness and empower her clients. She believes that every person is worthy of a happy and healthy life.