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Learn to take care of yourself and your loved ones!

Get guided self- and partner-care training for you and your family from bodywork and movement experts! THIS is this time to focus in on learning self-care tools and techniques that can help you to live a healthier, happier and more active life; not just during these trying times but for years to come!

partner and self care, injury, pain, Rehab exercises and stretchs


  • Solo or partner based sessions: You can book either a solo self-care session to help address your own issues, or a dual partner-care session to help a loved one get out of pain or reduce stress.
  • Personalized assessment and treatment techniques for your aches, pains, and the negative affects of stress. Sessions are fully customizable to whatever you want to address.  We will listen to your goals and concerns, help you identify problems areas and work together with you to help you get out of pain and achieve your goals.
  • Training in Safe Hands-on Techniques: Ever wanted to learn how to effectively target your (or your partner’s) areas of tension and pain without wearing out your hands or possibly even making matters worse? Learn where, how and how often to work an area to get the best results.
  • Therapeutic Movement self-care: Learn what stretches, exercises, tools, and techniques are most effective to work on your problem areas and restrictions: whether it be that painful hip, throbbing headache, or aching lower back, learn how to heal yourself with how you use your body!

Harness the power of Breath Work to decrease anxiety & pain: Learn powerful diaphragmatic breathwork techniques that are proven to support a state of calm, increase stress tolerance,  and strengthen the immune system.

Brian and Helene Shoen, Medical Massage, Rehab care, stretching and corrective exercisesYour Bodywork, Breathwork & Movement Therapists

Helene Shoen, LMT, MMP, HRC

As a partner in Body in Context, Helene helps clients get out of pain and reconnect with their body and boundaries. She provides Medical Massage, Diaphragmatic Breathwork and HRV Biofeedback. She is a health and wellness geek and has extensive training in anatomy, physiology, breathwork, kinesiology, pathology and manual therapy modalities, including everything from cadaver dissections to in-depth training for whiplash, nerve entrapment and rotator cuff issues and beyond.

Over the last decade Helene has been an instructor and guest lecturer at top therapeutic massage schools including Maui School of Therapeutic Massage, National Holistic Institute, and Ashland Institute of Massage. She is a Certified BREATHE Diaphragmatic Breathwork instructor, Heart Rate Variability Biofeedback Trainer and Heartmath Resilience Coach.


Brian Shoen, LMT, MMP, NCBTMB, Adapt Movement Trainer

As a partner in Body in Context, Brian provides Medical Massage, Diaphragmatic Breathwork and HRV Biofeedback. He treats each client with respect and compassion, honoring the individual as a whole—helping his clients to integrate body and mind for balance and health.

Over the last decade Brian has been a guest instructor and core faculty at top therapeutic massage schools including Maui School of Therapeutic Massage, National Holistic Institute, and our own Ashland Institute of Massage.

Brian has extensive training in anatomy, physiology, kinesiology and pathology as well as various manual therapy modalities, including myofascial, neuromuscular, lymphatic manual therapies as well as cupping, kinesiotaping, and IASTM.

Through a lifetime of mindful movement, martial arts, and embodied practices, Brian has also gained a deep understanding of human movement and how it affects and is affected by our physical and emotional health

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Want More Details?

We are offering these Telemedicine visits at a discounted rate from our normal office visit fees, with a time-of-service fee of:

Self-Care: (one client, one therapist)

30 min/$30

45 min/$45

Partner Care (client and a partner, 2 therapists available for demos)

45 min/$60

60 min/$75

If you have already physically been in for an initial visit, we may able to bill your insurance company (call our front office to check coverage at 541.210.5999).

All you will need is an internet or cell phone connection, and a computer or smart phone with audio and video. Worried about figuring it all out? Don’t fret- we’ll be available to walk you through the simple steps to get set up for your Telehealth appointment!

We can also hold appointments over the phone, without a camera, if one is not available to you.There is no need to download any software or sign up for any new apps! Just call our front office to set up a time and we will take it from there. 😊


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