Brian Shoen, LMT, MMP, NCBTMB

Brian Shoen, Teaching Massage, breath and bodyworkBrian Shoen

As a partner in Body in Context, Brian works with a variety of clients from athletes to weekend warriors to desk jockeys: anyone in need of a new way to relate to the stresses of daily life. He helps his clients learn to actively re-pattern their stress response towards higher strength, adaptability and pain resilience and re-educate the way their neuromuscular system responds to daily demands.

Brian graduated from Maui School of Therapeutic Massage (MSTM) in 2011 with an 800 hr diploma in Massage Therapy and Integrated Medical Massage. He quickly was brought on staff at MTSM where he taught a variety of academic, bodywork, and movement classes. A dedicated lifelong learner, he has continued his massage education through a wide range of workshops and advanced training in both Eastern and Western bodywork systems. Brian also has a background in martial arts (Karate), yoga, tai chi and qi gong. Brian also has a BA in philosophy and an MA in second language education which he utilizes to help him communicate with his clients in whatever “language” they best understand.

As a NCBTMB Board Certified massage therapist, ADAPT certified movement educator, and Union Yoga certified partner yoga teacher, Brian employs a variety of bodywork, movement and mindfulness modalities selected to honor the individual as a whole, helping his clients to integrate body and mind for balance and health.



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