“All chronic pain, suffering and disease are caused by a lack of oxygen at a cellular level.”  Dr Alexander Guyton


Modern science bears out the ancient wisdom that the slower and deeper we are able to comfortably breath, the longer our lives – conversely, the faster and shallower you breathe, the shorter our lifespan.

The way you breath- your ‘style’ of breath is directly tied to the balance (or imbalance) of your nervous system.



Most of us unconsciously live in a perpetual ‘fight or flight” (part of the sympathetic response) style of breathing. This type of breathing is primarily located in our upper chest and shoulders and it slowly chips away at our health each day, contributing to anxiety, fatigue and chronic pain.

This style of breathing contributes greatly to chronic muscle tension, as normally occasional-use muscles are kept in near-constant contraction. In doing this, blood is shunted to the musculoskeletal system to prepare us to mobilize against threat which starves the internal organ systems.

Unfortunately, our nervous system evolved in a much different set of environmental conditions and does not know the difference between an anxiety-provoking email from your boss and a tiger that would like to lunch on your leg.



In order to rebuild, repair, and digest food, our body needs a deeper diaphragmatic style of breathing that can help us relax and activate our “rest and digest” (parasympathetic) system. This ‘belly breathing’ style is primarily focused lower in the torso and involves expansion in both the abdomen and the ribs.

This breathing style helps to shift the state of our autonomic nervous system which then allows the body to shunt blood and resources from the muscles to the internal organs for all of the necessary processes for optimal health, including digestion, sleep, blood pressure regulation, and social interaction.
In a world of chronic stressors, this ability to swiftly shift into ‘relax mode’ needs to be consciously relearned.




Body in Context coacheswill work with you to optimize your breathing style and help give you conscious influence over how you breath. This will allow you to repattern your breathing style, which is a major factor in determining your response to stress. You will be able to make your system vastly more resilient to chronic, stress, pain, and anxiety.

Want to learn highly effective tools to gain control of your stress? Book Below. We offer both group Breathwork classes and individual Breathwork coaching sessions to help you reach your health goals.

Body in Context coaches have been certified in Dr. Belisa Vranich’s BREATHE™  method– a simple straightforward way to reconnect with and strengthen the effectiveness of your breath.


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