Let me hear your body talk

Let me hear your body talk

Epigenetics and Quantified Self

Every day we take in our surroundings as an overwhelming flood of information- from the most obvious of our senses: eyes to see, ears to hear, a nose to smell… And every day, scientists are becoming increasingly aware of thousands of other ways in which our bodies sample our environment:  from neurons lining the intestinal wall sending signals directly to the brain cataloging our minute to minute diet, to photoreceptors in our skin that can detect a bare handful of photons and act as a set of secondary “eyes” for unidentified parts of the nervous system…

The signalling of our inner universe is no simpler…There are myriad receptors inside our bodies sampling every imaginable metric and reporting back to a parent system.  This constant background chatter helps us manage the beautiful balance of homeostasis and not keel over in a jittering heap, which I, for one, am thankful for.

Our biology is not created in a vacuum.  It is not not simply a pre-programmed matter of the interplay between genetics and of supply & demand of nutrients, but a far more flexible, malleable system that can adjust to our life context on a both a short term (minute to minute ) and long term (lifetime) basis. It’s incredible to consider that our every action, our every inter-action with the world is swimming in a rich sea of signals from which our bodies pick and choose information to not only react, but to construct our very being.

It is the fascinating world of these signals and learning the practical application of this quantifying this knowledge in our lives that we’ll be focusing on..

If you can understand these signals, the potential promise is that you can at the very least learn how to read them, and at best, learn how to manipulate them yourselves to help guide your body towards optimal health, beauty and/or performance…So hang on tight, this is gonna be some FUN (nerdy) stuff!

What I’m listening to: Bruce H. Lipton Ph.D.

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